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El Horriya

One hundred forty five. 7m (478') at first constructed for the ottoman governor of egypt, khedive ismail, this historical yacht was present at the opening ceremony of the suez canal in 1869, while she become used to receive journeying dignitaries. She become lengthened by means of 12. 1m in 1872, whilst her paddle wheels were removed, and through a further five. 2m in 1905.

Her closing primary rebuild changed into in 1950. El horriya became the egyptian consultant at the bicentennial fleet review in ny harbour in 1976, and then she slipped into disrepair whilst getting used as a museum deliver. In 1992 a prime effort was placed into making her seaworthy sufficient to tour to italy for the christopher columbus fleet overview. She now serves as the presidential yacht but is seldom seen in public. She is generally berthed in alexandria, in which she is cared for through the egyptian navy, which lists her as a training deliver. Builder: samuda brothers former names: mahroussa